Saturday, September 17, 2016

Karabella Ice Cream: All Local, All Natural Ice Cream Made From Carabao Milk

The Philippines is rich with beautiful local ingredients and produce, however it's unfortunate that we don't take full advantage of these wonderful ingredients so that it reaches its full potential. Carabao milk, for instance, is said to be an underrated superdrink that a lot of Filipinos don't get enough of despite being a creamier, healthier alternative to fresh cow's milk (most of which we ship from overseas). Karabella, a Filipino social enterprise, wants to put fresh carabao's milk back in the spotlight by creating delicious dairy products that's made with this amazing ingredient.

Karabella began by selling fresh, flavored carabao's milk but soon after started to make ice cream made from 100% natural fresh carabao's milk as well. The only other company I know that makes ice cream from carabao's milk is ArceDairy, but I like how Karabella starts putting a local, artisan twist to this well-loved dessert!

The secret to Karabella's creamy-good ice cream is definitely the Carabao's milk, a super ingredient that's both delicious and full of nutritional goodness. I don't haven't met a lot of Filipinos who drink fresh Carabao's milk very often. I find that it has a similar taste profile with cow's milk but with a slightly creamier mouth-feel. 

Karabella sells five ice cream flavors at the moment: Pastillas, Peanut Butter, Turon, Tablea Chocolate, and Leche Flan. They're planning to add flavors in the future so add them on instagram so that you'll know immediately as soon as the new flavors are out.

Karabella's chef Adrianne Tan showed the workshop attendees how they make ice cream from scratch. She showed the French method, where she first whipped up a Crème Anglaise before churning ice cream resulting in creamier ice cream. I personally make my own ice cream as well and I must say she knows her stuff.

If you want to learn more about how ice cream is made, check out this Skillshare class on making delicious ice cream at home

We were lucky to try both the Peanut Butter and Tablea Chocolate ice cream after the workshop, both of which were creamy and quite tasty. I personally prefer the Peanut Butter ice cream, which is made with First Harvest Peanut Butter from GK enchanted farm while the Tablea Chocolate ice cream is made using the famous Malagos chocolate from Davao -.quality ingredients that result in delicious ice cream.    

I realize I don't have a great photo of Karabella's ice cream cart, but here's the cute cart they made for the ice cream making workshop (PS: Sorry girls for the very candid photo!). 

Karabella accepts bookings for their cute ice cream cart! Please refer to the contact details above if you'd like to book them for your event or party. I mean, who doesn't want an ice cream cart in a party? 

I can't wait for Karabella's new flavors to come out. I think they'd be able to do wonders with local favorites such as butterscotch, coconut, mango, keso, and a lot more!

What ice cream flavor would you like Karabella to come up with next?

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