Saturday, July 22, 2017

Shakey's Philippines Cleverly Made the California Maki Into a Delicious New Pizza

Shakey's Philippines has always had the knack of introducing innovative pizza creations for a limited time. Following the success of the delicious Scallop Primo Pizza, Shakey's is now serving a delicious blend of East and West with the new Shakey's Cali Kani Pizza - a lovely marriage of classic California Maki ingredients on pizza!

The pizza is loaded wih kani, peaches, cucumber, fish roe, and nori strips drizzled with a generous amount of Japanese Sesame Dressing. If you love pizza and Japanese cuisine, then the Cali Kani Pizza is a pizza just for you. 

To be honest I had my doubts when I first saw the ads on TV, but after trying out the pizza I found it to be absolutely delicious. Made with fresh ingredients, the combination of kani, cucumber, and Japanese sesame dressing is mouthwatering. Every bite makes you want to crave a for another one - with the full flavor of crab from the loads of kani strips - without the usual 'umay' factor you get when you eat oily pizzas. It's surprisingly good!

As you can see, the pizza is loaded with kani giving it a full crab flavor. The cucumber gives the pizza a nice freshness while the peaches add a sweet touch to the dish. It's not salty or oily at all, but you do get hits of mild saltiness whenever you eat a bit of the nori strips. Overall, the Japanese dressing ties it all together and I'm such a sucker for it. 

It's not your typical pizza, and it truly is tasty and delicious. I'm a crab lover and I frequent Japanese restaurants, so for me this one's a hit! 

It's greats with the usual Shakey's favorites such as the Chicken N' Mojos and a cold, sweet milkshake. 

Catch the Cali Kani Pizza on all Shakey's stores nationwide, available for a limited time only for dine-in, delivery, and take-out. 

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